Truthout: Who Will Issue The Galvanizing Call to Action We Need on Climate Change This Month?

Memo to some climate heroes and communicators I think of first: Mike Brune, Al Gore, Van Jones, Naomi Klein, Annie Leonard,  Bill McKibben, David Roberts, Robert Reich, Bernie Sanders, Rebecca Solnit (alphabetically)
I’ve worked passionately full-time for years on climate awareness and solutions. I believe we need more at this do-or-die moment. I’m not eloquent or networked well enough to issue the required call to action. But I hope my voice and thoughts will help spark one of you — or someone else — to create a message that galvanizes and unites millions at a time when the future of the world may be at stake.
  • Who will convince worried Americans to stop being too busy or too scared?
  • Who will rouse us to protect our lives and future generations?
  • Who will convince tens of millions to pledge to do whatever it takes to preserve the character of the country we love?