• ClimateQ


    A simple question: “How do you see climate change? An app gives kids (and others) a way to ask people in their networks their views on the climate crisis. Based on their 1-6 responses, the asker sends them information and connections to organizations.

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  • What If...

    What If…

    What if a new project could nurture, develop, launch and distribute artistic creations that could reach people profoundly — breaking through the expectation that we will continue business as usual?

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  • Senator Sheldon Whitehouse's 50th Senate speech on the climate crisis

    A Climate Speech-A-Day

    A daily message by a high-profile leader or celebrity, hosted by one organization, promoted by hundreds on their websites and through social media.

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  • Leaders Come Out on Climate Change

    Leaders Come Out on Climate Change

    A day when high-level leaders describe their personal awakenings and concerns, and pledge actions at their companies and organizations to plan for the next 50 years, not the next few quarters or years.

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  • Fossil Fuels & Families

    Fossil Fuels & Families

    Encourage relatives and friends of those who work in the FF industry to urge them to rethink what they do. Remember when kids asked their parents to stop smoking? Did you know Henry Ford’s wife Clara told him she would leave him if he didn’t agree to negotiate with unions?

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  • Fuels From Hell

    Fuels From Hell

    Create a 21st Century Book & Movie to Mobilize the World. A non-fiction graphic novel about the fossil fuel industry — a film noir-style chronicle of infamy. A complement to current campaigns promoting divestment.

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  • TryItGreen


    A for-profit idea; entrepreneur needed! Build a portal for the sharing economy, highlighting renewable and sustainable products and services. Partner with existing companies such as Getaround, RelayRides and Airbnb to offer electric cars, home stays in LEED/solar and other homes, vacation opportunities.

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  • Bay Area Green Pix

    Bay Area Green Pix

    An Entertaining Community Project for the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond: residents contribute photos that artistically juxtapose scenes of renewable energy sources and the petroleum world

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  • Bay Nature Views

    Bay Nature Views

    Create a service to notify hikers, photographers and others about a crystal-clear day: “Time to Enjoy the Crisp Air and Spectacular Views.” Combine fun early morning outings, public air quality measurement sites, and crowdsourced “citizen science” data collection. Begin with a Bay Area pilot.

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