Tech Execs to Trump: Table All Anti-Climate Action (we hope)

This is the photo the San Jose Mercury-News ran with the OpEd
This is the photo the San Jose Mercury News ran with the OpEd

“Climate change should be top tech topic with Trump”

That’s the headline of Felix Kramer’s OpEd in the San Jose Mercury News, Silicon Valley’s hometown paper. It went online Friday, and was delivered in print on Sunday, December 11, 2016.

This month, corporate executives who get the urgency of climate change are at a life-defining moment. Will they speak honestly, bravely, publicly? They can try to get through to Trump to say the risks are too great; we must keep our commitments and momentum to protect our futures.

Imagine if  the whole group — or a few — raise the critical issue first thing at the meeting. Failing that, it’s the first thing we urge them to talk about publicly afterwards. What they say can change national understanding and inspire people and groups to action.

Here’s how it starts:

President-elect Donald Trump has invited tech leaders to meet with him Wednesday. They have lots to talk about, but they can start with the most important issue. It’s the right timing for a direct pitch on the business case to retain and strengthen climate policies. They should start by saying:

Climate change eclipses all else in importance and immediacy. We business leaders want to keep a safe and healthy planet to live and work in. We don’t think this is a major issue for you, and we hope you’ll listen. It can be an early big win for you. You’ve said you have an open mind on climate. Please take off the table any immediate steps on U.S. or international climate policies. Put people in charge who are open like you to taking a full look at the human risks involved and the business upsides for climate action.We’re replacing fossil fuels with clean energy in our operations and investments. We’ve embraced the greatest business opportunity in our lifetimes. Please do this for all our sakes, for your place in history, for your children. Only you can protect the future world your grandchildren Kai, Donald III, Arabella, Tristan, Spencer, Joseph, Chloe and Theodore will grow up in.

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