Bay Nature Views


Create a service to notify hikers, photographers and others about a crystal-clear day: “Time to Enjoy the Crisp Air and Spectacular Views.” Combine fun early morning outings, public air quality measurement sites, and crowdsourced “citizen science” data collection. Begin with a Bay Area pilot.

Ultimately a package of online and social tools could connect members in communities everywhere and provide a powerful new information source for citizen activism. (Starting with initial conversations with local sponsors.)

Drafts about the idea to present to * (a sponsoring organization):

Early some mornings, *Views subscribers would hear by twitter/text/email/phone: “Today is one of those rare days when visibility will be perfect. Can you tear yourself away? From Mt. Diablo, you’ll see the Farallons, Mt. Lassen and the Sierras. From anywhere outdoors, you’ll enjoy the air today.”

Here’s how it could evolve:
*Views could expand, to local groups in the U.S. and beyond, using online and social tools developed by *, gaining * some consulting revenues to replicate the service, and building what’s called “Citizen Science” (see below) around outdoor adventures, air quality and other natural phenomena.

In its pilot phase, it could simultaneously bring many * many benefits:
* Communicate the beauty and wonder of being outdoors in the SFBA;
* Create a precious service for hikers, photographers and others with related passions;
* Gain more public visibility for the programs and focus of *;
* Motivate broad constituencies to support and join the organization;
* Provide members with a fun activity and way to connect with each other and with *;
* Tie in with *’s other events and social media efforts; and
* Promote partnerships with other organizations for crowd-sourcing information.

NYTimes story about Citizen Science — see also links at Wikipedia.