“SaysWhat About Climate?” — We’d hoped to make 2016 the First ClimateElection


We saw an opportunity to make 2016 the First ClimateElection

We ran out of time to make this happen. Here’s what we said: we have about 180 days to energize people to make sure we keep a government that’s rooted in reality. A small group of entrepreneurs and activists aims to launch a VoteClimate Startup Group

We can do better than dread the worst and hope for lucky breaks. Even as millions of angry Americans embrace emotional appeals and invented facts, we can bring the 2016 elections back to sanity. Nowhere does the choice between rational and catastrophic policy choices show up with more consequence than with climate change. This is our moment to connect all the dots.

We can tell our stories and ask tough questions and engage all candidates for federal office. Our message can be: “If you want to run a credible, winning campaign, take a reality-based position on climate change.” The Washington Post has just confirmed this strategy’s viability. If we win, we’ll see all three branches of government enthusiastically supporting and accelerating the extraordinary global transformation that can help save all we hold dear.

We’re NOT starting a new national organization!  We aim to encourage existing groups to coordinate and massively expand their efforts. Already, Greenpeace and 350 Action are “bird-dogging” candidates. The Sierra Club Political Committee is organizing volunteers in battleground states. $25M from NextGen Climate Action will activate youth voters on 200 campuses in seven states.  Techies from the Sanders campaign have started GrassrootsElectClimateHawksVote is identifying and building support for campaigns with strong climate voices. ClimateTruth got Florida debate moderators to ask questions from climate survivors, and has in development a bird-dogging phone app for all to use.

We’re proposing to  groups large and small that they join in a VoteClimate effort to give everyone who cares about climate change things to do. Every organization can inspire, educate, and equip them for action.

We’re reaching out to people who understand the need for action now; the urgency of the moment; the opportunity, during this crazy election to change the debate. It’s an opportunity to volunteer your time and networks. You can put to use the skills you’ve gained in campaigns, NGOs and startups. We’ve raised some money and will need a relatively small amount more.

We want to hear from you; we expect our first conference call will be the week of May 23, 2016.

One major project:

SaysWhat About Climate? aims to be a nonpartisan online tool equipping citizens to challenge every candidate for federal office: “If you want to run a credible, winning campaign, take a reality-based position on climate change.” Soon every citizen and journalist going to a town hall, election event or private fundraiser for any candidate for Representative, Senator, or President — or writing, supporting or criticizing them — will easily find their latest words and video views on climate change at SaysWhat.org.