How Do You Keep Going?


Interview longtime advocates whose activism in some way involves climate. Ask them: “Given all you’ve lived through and all you know, what sustains and motivates you to keep at it?”

Start with high-profile leaders; post video and print interviews; invite anyone to submit their entries. Curate the result; produce anthologies, ebooks, etc. (First step: reaching out to interviewers.)

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  1. Valerie Gardner
    Valerie Gardner at |

    Felix, I like your new site. Interestingly, I thought about this a lot this past weekend, as mulled a birthday and the ravages of aging.

    If humanity was all evil, then why would we care? It is the glimpses of goodness in man and womankind that deserve preservation; having children of my own and knowing that all children equally deserve to have a future; and mostly having a wonderfully strong base of emotional and intellectual support that enables me to dive into the depressing depths of our lunacy but return to a solid ground repeatedly while I attempt to further all of my climate projects. Without that, I think addressing climate change is impossible.

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