A simple question: “How do you see climate change? An app gives kids (and others) a way to ask people in their networks their views on the climate crisis. Based on their 1-6 responses, the asker sends them information and connections to organizations.
It’s empowerng — a fun and easy way to engage with people they know well and ones they just met about climate change by asking a single question and pointing to information and action depending on the response. It can be easy to use and take advantage of peoples’ receptivity to one-on-one conversations.  It can start with high schoolers and migrate to adults. While respecting privacy, it can identify, connect, inform and empower a spectrum of people, from ones who are a little concerned to those who recognize our challenge’s full scope. As its users tell their stories on social networks, it might go viral. Ultimately it can help reach thousands of influencers, on a personal, emotional, and moral level, as they discover just how many people they care about worry about our futures.

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